Participation in infrastructure Construction for technology leader and owner, in a project for assembling several distillation modules of tequila with a production capacity of 60,000, 30,000, 20,000 and 15,000 lts./day, including the installation of mechanical and electrical services for the implementation of the tequila distillation column. Participation in infrastructure Construction in building infrastructure for recovery of alcohols in fermentation and CO2 washing tanks for a 100,000 lts./day plant.

Construction and mounting of mechanical infrastructure as mixers for soap, pots, soap cutters, mounting of five production lines for toilet and laundry soap in coordination with the customer and the company MAZZONI.

Design and Construction of infrastructure for storage tequila, with capacities from 220,000 lts., 500,000 lts., 1,400,000 lts., with stainless steel T-304. Also were considered accessories, process piping, services and aerial walkways, always meeting TIG (GTAW) processes as well as ASME and API codes and norms employing qualified welders. Design and Construction of infrastructure to deliver services steam, condensate, mains water, ice water and return, wort, vinasse, tequila, electrical connection, programming control system service and resection of finished product distillation column with production capacity of 30,000 lts./day. Design and Construction of agave oven doors for guaranteeing zero vapor leaks and easy opening. Design and Construction of infrastructure for the discoloration of tequila project, with capacity of 25,000 lts. Construction of in plant infrastructure for the production of yellow corn derivatives, with a 25% increase in capacity. Project named as "B52" during 2019.

Construction of electrical infrastructure for deep well pump with 440 volts reduced voltage starter and local control, also installation of four (4) 400 watts lamps with 220 VAC at 7 feet tall pole. Construction of electrical infrastructure replacing self-supported Federal Pacific (f Power) distribution board at a substation plant for tequila.

Construction of infrastructure for capacity expansion project in the milk storage area which consisted of the removal of 2 low capacity silos and Construction of 2 new silos with capacity of 125,000 lts., considering sanitary pipes and fittings such as 4 Port Alfa-Laval valves.