Construction of infrastructure for liquefied processes with Fristan brand supplies. Construction of infrastructure for 70S-5 machine installation project, considering service pipes and accessories in general. Construction of infrastructure for the new TETRA PACK pasteurizer working together with the company ALFA LAVAL, including balance tub pipes and process service. Construction of infrastructure for the project to raw milk silo with a capacity of 150,000 liters including all accessories process connection. Design and construction of infrastructure for secure downloading project, through air corridors to ship to discharge pipes. Construction of infrastructure for Fristan project, which considered various sections conveyor making for the packaging area as plant needs.

Construction of infrastructure for the proposed overhaul and modification in plant grains, for the installation of new machinery, designing and building conveyors, chutes, ducts and equipment rearrangement according to requirement of the project.

Construction of infrastructure for OMEGA plant I and II, making process piping and overall service following indications of project plan leader.

Design and construction of infrastructure for OMEGA III and IV plant project, taking into consideration structures, equipment assembly by technology owners, mechanics and service process piping as well as the startup and commissioning of this plant for product (Isadora) in coordination with the client and SELO and LAGARDE companies.

Construction of infrastructure for the project consisting of the assembly of DUOCLEANERS for cleaning paper machine number II. Conducts corrective and preventive maintenance on the whole plant. Manufacture of machined mechanical parts, required for corrective maintenance of the plant.