Equipment manufacturing in Workshop
  • Hoppers.
  • Sifters.
  • Tanks from 1,000 to 200,000 L., For tanks greater than this range, on-site assembly is recommended.
  • Agitators.
  • Roller mills that can be used for different products (e.g. oils, beans, agave, etc.).
  • Conveyors range from helical conveyors, or belt bucket elevators, to conveyor belts with pushers, and more.
  • Heat interchangers.
  • Barometric condensers.
  • Industrial Cyclones.
  • Fermenters.
  • Batch reactors.

On Site Installations and Assemblies
  • Assembly of platforms and structures.
  • Assembly of process equipment. (Reactors, heat interchangers, dryers, etc.)
  • Assembly of service equipment. (Cooling towers, boilers, air compressors, chillers, etc.)
  • Construction of process piping.
  • Construction of service piping. (Vapor, cooling water, compressed air)
  • Construction of electric power.
  • Installation of electric lighting.
  • Equipment testing and start-up.

  • Turnkey Project Development.
  • Personnel Outsourcing Program.
  • Project Management.