Construction of infrastructure for Interlocks Project at Atequiza, Jal., considering electrical and mechanical piping for the project, as well as installation oxygen sensors, PSL, and INTERLOCKS controlled from CCM to 10 teams located in different areas of floor plan, all with explosion proof material under engineering plant. Design and Construction of infrastructure for the NCP III project considering manufacturing and growth of TOLUENE storage tanks with capacities from 20,000 to 30,000 lts. in full stainless steel T-316 with accessories, process piping and services, complying with TIG (GTAW) as well as ASME, API norms, employing certified welders, electrical piping and CCM connection (SQUARE D brand) for column sensors, and peripheral PLC boards located in various areas of the plant, all used material was explosion proof .

Maintenance work at oxygen and nitrogen plant, which consisted of removal and construction of new interchanger for the After Cooler compressor system, also connecting service pipe of 14 "and 6" diameter using carbon steel schedule 40, seamless and ready for radiographic inspection.